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How much is enough? Do I have enough? Will it always be enough?*

You might be asking these questions - especially about your future retirement. The answers to these questions are important at any age. Early investment planning increases your likelihood of hitting financial targets - and helps you have a plan to adjust with the changing landscape of your financial life.

The internet is a source of nearly unlimited advice that is either too vague or highly prescriptive. But you are an individual with a unique financial story. And more importantly, you have unique values and life goals. We focus on asking the right questions and offering simple recommendations. Going to a professional shouldn't result in more complicated finances, it should simplify your financial life. Our goals are to demystify complicated financial concepts and help our clients sleep well at night knowing they have a plan and a professional helping them execute that plan.

We offer two Investment planning options with a simple fee structure:

Basic Retirement Projection and Investment Review 

Is there alignment with what you want, what you have, and what you need to work towards meeting your retirement target?

Basic investment portfolio retirement income projections. Also includes a review of your risk profile and compares your current accounts with proposed accounts. 

Your commitment: Complete risk assessment, provide current investment information, attend 90 minute review meeting.

Our deliverable: Basic Asset-Map and any generated Target-Maps

Price: $500 

One Page Investment Plan

You have multiple financial targets and want a panoramic review of your financial status. It’s important to you that all your finances align with your life priorities, and you want to engage in a process that charts a path forward. You want a simple plan that can adapt and pivot when you need it to.

Includes a review of every aspect of your financial life:

  • Priorities and goals
  • Cash position and cash flow
  • Debt
  • Investment planning and risk profile
  • Retirement savings and income planning
  • Social security
  • Tax planning
  • Insurance and risk management
  • Estate planning
  • Net worth

Your commitment: Complete risk assessment, provide full current financial information, attend three one-hour meetings.

Our deliverable: Summary of notes and recommendations, Full Asset-Map, Target Maps, One-Page Investment Plan

Price: $1500

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*These questions adapted from material produced by Ron Blue for Kingdom Advisors. Ron Blue and Kingdom advisors are not affiliated with Gig Harbor Financial Services, Inc. or LPL Financial.