Doug & Josh Collier

You have goals and dreams - but putting them into a financial plan that works doesn’t come naturally to everyone. That's why we’re here. We can help you create and follow a simple financial plan.

We listen before we advise. You have a unique story and an individual perspective about money. We discover who you are and then align financial targets to your stated goals.

Our financial planning process is relational and dynamic. Simple and goals based. We focus on cash flow to help you put your money where you want to go. Money and a plan to use it are means to an end: the pursuit of your goals.

We do this because we love it. Helping families and individuals align their finances with how they want to live is fulfilling for us. We understand the tensions of work/life balance of time and financial resources while seeking to put family first. We can help navigate the balancing act between budgeting for current needs, retirement, education, and legacy.

We also believe in generosity and giving back. We donate a portion of fees toward two causes we believe in: providing free education for children who have limited opportunities and helping homeless families with children transition to self- sufficiency. We also exercise our decades of experience with non-profits to help our clients identify ways to express their philanthropic interests.

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